cabinet report setting out the preferred option for the Birmingham Children’s Trust has been published today (17/01).

JonesCabinet member for children, families and schools Cllr Brigid Jones sets out why this is the best option for our young people.

“We want all our children to have a fantastic childhood, and every option has been considered as to how to shape our social work in the future to deliver just that.

“It has been recommended that on balance a wholly-owned company (WOC) is the best model for our trust as it provides more flexibility and a low risk; there will be far less potential for disruption to our on-going improvement than with other options.

“It is also recommended that it is created as a community interest company, which is really important as it makes clear the Trust exists to deliver real and tangible benefits to the community it serves, and not for private gain.

“The Trust will have its own board and management team to ensure operational independence and a single focus on children’s care, and we will look to build in strong staff engagement including a role in governance arrangements.

“The next step in the process (if approved by cabinet) is that a shadow Trust will start running from April this year to ensure that everything that needs to be in place when the full Trust begins work, is actually in place and that the Trust  can work fully from day one.

“There is a long way still to go, but this is a really important step for us. Ultimately, it is about creating conditions that allow our best social workers, with our partners, children and families, to do great work.”

The report will go to cabinet on Tuesday 24 January.