Birmingham City Council Cabinet will be asked to approve two reports on Tuesday 18th October which set out plans to build more than 500 new houses and apartments for sale and rent at a cost of £64 million.


The executive will be asked to support a major new house building programme through the council’s Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust (BMHT) for the redevelopment of the Bromford estate, near the Fort shopping centre.  This will see 225 new homes – 168 for affordable rent and 57 for sale – at a cost of £28million.


Alongside the BMHT house building programme, cabinet will also be asked to approve the development of a further 300 apartments and houses for market rent through the council’s wholly owned company INReach at a cost of £36 million.  INReach has already started work on 92 city centre apartments after planning permission was secured in September 2015 and the new proposal builds on that experience and asks the council to allow INReach to develop further sites.

Leader for Birmingham City Council, Cllr John Clancy, welcomed the reports and said: “It’s clear there will be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution as we address the growing housing needs in Birmingham.

“The city must build a range of homes, including social housing and private rented accommodation and these projects show how Birmingham City Council is stepping up to meet the demand. The 525 new homes will transform lives and futures for families and communities.”

The council needs to ensure the provision of at least 89,000 new homes by 2031 and it is anticipated that around 60% of these will be in the private sector either for rent or sale.  The development of sites by INReach will create additional housing growth and also provide valuable assets for the council and income for the General Fund.