Lads and ladies rejoice! The World Cup is coming, the weather is fine and the World Bar and Sports Bar at Resorts World invite you and your squad to watch those all-important games with no-fuss food and drinks deals, ensuring you remain fed and watered, without having to take your eyes off the prize!

Sports Bar

The Sports Bar has been decked out with astro- turf style flooring, Budweiser tables and a giant World Cup for the occasion. All the action will be screened across the bar’s 20 screens. Promising a front row seat and amazing view of your favourite footie stars, all whilst you relax with your own pick of the very best – friends, family or colleagues.

Match day offers include:

World Cup Booth Package

Booking a booth ensures the best spot in the house. With guaranteed space for 6, you don’t want to risk arriving and not scoring a seat next to your mate for the post-match commentary and discussion. Make like a pair of pundits and analyse team performances over 6 bottles of beer which are included in this package for £50. Chip in together, bag those comfy seats, sit back and relax! Or at least try to, things may get pretty intense!

Bucket of Wings

We know what it’s like, you’re hungry but you just can’t afford to take your eyes away from the screen for one minute! Anything could happen! A bucket of wings is the ultimate fuss-free finger-food for a fixture. Stuff your face without missing a move! Don’t score an own goal by missing out on this offer. 12 wings cooked in Texas BBQ sauce served with skin-on fries for £18. All the better to soak up that Bud!

Booth Sharing Platter

A footie feast awaits, if you opt for this amazing platter! Matches can last a long while, especially later into the tournament, so you can’t go hungry waiting for your country to score a goal during extra-time. The booth sharing platter is one for you and your group to tuck into. Again, no-fuss, casual-dining, allows you to stay in the game.  You’ll be served succulent southern fried chicken strips, buffalo chicken wings, vegetable samosas, spring rolls, crispy breaded mushrooms, onion rings and skin-on fries served with Texas BBQ sauce, sweet chilli sauce & garlic mayo, all for a cheeky £20.


World Bar

You’ll catch the fixtures here across 2 screens and a large projector, which will help deliver an electric atmosphere to those who can’t wait to cheer on the boys, as they compete against the world to get their hands on the most coveted footballing trophy for the first time since 1966.

Match day offers include:

World Cup Tasting Crate

Forget the world in 80 days, the World Bar will have you there and back in a sitting, with their imaginative World Cup Tasting Crate. 6 craft beers from 5 World Cup countries. Enjoy a trip across the globe without leaving the comfort of the World Bar. Great to celebrate the achievements of others… especially on the off chance England drop out early on! From Belgium to Brazil, crack the beers open and get experimenting!

England Tasting Crate

For those who tend to get all patriotic during the World Cup, maybe an England Tasting Crate will take your fancy? Stock up on 6 of England’s finest craft beers before the final whistle blows so you can revel in the taste of home, whilst going wild for Welbeck and the team! An amazing offer priced at £19.66. A lucky price indeed!

More offers are available across the tournament, click here for more information.