A member of the public has discovered a device used by fraudsters at the Co-Op cashpoint on Alcester Road in Moseley.


Matthew Cashmore removed the device, which is known to be used in the Lebanese loop scam, from the cashpoint on Saturday (22/10).

Lebanese loop is a device used to commit fraud and identity theft by exploiting cashpoints. In its simplest form, it is a strip or sleeve of metal or plastic which blocks the ATM’s card slot, causing any inserted card to be apparently retained by the machine, allowing it to be retrieved by the fraudster when the card holder leaves.

More sophisticated variants of the Lebanese loop scam have developed. In some cases, the fraudsters attach a small camera to the cashpoint to record the victim entering their PIN. The video from this camera is then transmitted to the fraudsters, who may be waiting near the machine and viewing the video on a laptop computer.

Members of the public are advised to cancel their cards if they’ve used the machine in the last 7 days.