Police are warning residents to be on their guard after cruel thieves struck at the homes of pensioners three times in as many days.

The callous crooks broke into addresses in Rubery, Northfield and Frankley on successive days and each time claimed to be plain clothes police officers before swiping purses, cash and jewellery.

Detectives have released CCTV footage and still images of two men fleeing an address in Frankley Beeches Road, Northfield at around 4pm on Wednesday (21/09).

They walked in through the front door and pocketed valuables before being disturbed by a man pulling up on the drive in his car.

On Tuesday night (20/01) two men – one carrying a small child – stole a purse from a woman, aged 90, on Loynells Road in Rubery, after being let inside.

And just before midnight on Thursday (22/09) two men broke into the home of a  woman, aged 76, who has dementia, and claimed to be officers investigating a fraud.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Dave Cockbill from Birmingham Police’s specialist burglary team, said: “The latest offence was particularly brazen: the men gained entry via an insecure rear door and told the woman they needed to seize her bank cards.

“She told them she didn’t know her bank details…so they called her son on his mobile phone in an attempt to persuade him to disclose the PIN numbers.

“He didn’t fall for the trick and called police – but the men fled with the woman’s purse.

“These are truly despicable offences. It seems elderly, vulnerable people are being deliberately targeted. We cannot say definitively that these offences are linked but we are not ruling out the possibility.

“We’ve secured some good quality CCTV footage showing the men responsible for the Northfield burglary. Someone will know who these men are; they are cruel thieves and do not deserve protection.

“I would urge anyone who suspects they know these men, have seen them, or have information about these offences to call me as soon as possible before any other elderly people suffer at their hands.”

Please call WMP on 101 if you have ANY information.