Officers are reminding people in and around Birmingham NEVER to leave their vehicles with the engine running while they defrost.


Every winter cars are stolen from driveways while their owners pop inside leaving them to warm up outside their homes. Chief Inspector Jack Hadley reported that Two cars were stolen this morning (08/11).

Crime Reduction officer, Andy Gregory, said: “It may be surprising but we continue to see people leaving their cars with the keys in on their drives on icy mornings. It takes an opportunistic thief just seconds to jump into a vehicle and drive it off so it really isn’t worth the risk. Car security has a come a long way but by leaving keys in the car and the engine running it couldn’t be easier for someone to steal it.”

The advice from West Midlands Police is to clear your windscreen with de-icer and a scraper and sit in your vehicle while the heater de-mists the windscreen.