Grosvenor Casinos’ Luck Squads are out in force to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Birmingham has dispatched their luck squad to brighten up the mornings of people on their way to work by New Street Station – with sunflowers, umbrellas, free travel cards and more.

17th February otherwise known as Random Acts of Kindness Day celebrates and promotes the good deeds people will do for others. A UK survey by Grosvenor Casinos reveals that it’s the small things in life that matter, including holding a door open for a stranger, or being offered an umbrella in the rain.

Top Five Random Acts of Kindness That People in Birmingham Appreciate:

  1. Surprise them with the gift of money (29% of people from Birmingham would be thrilled to win a little money)
  2. Make time for your loved ones(40% of those in Birmingham say spending time with family and friends would raise their spirits)
  3. Give your staff the day off  (22% say taking the day off work is the best way to give them some cheer)
  4. Say something complimentary (2% think that something as small as a compliment will boost their moods)
  5. Chivalry rules(6% of Birmingham residents say a door being held open for them would make their day

We are caring city, where 67% of people would hold a door open for someone and 47% would buy a stranger a coffee. But there is a split amongst the sexes; where men will pay money to show kindness, women will make the effort go out of their way.Nearly half of men would buy a stranger a coffee or pay for their travel to work. Women are more likely to show gestures of kindness, like holding open a door and offering strangers an umbrella in the rain (42%).

The new survey by Grosvenor Casinos also revealed that 26% of Birmingham residents would like to receive a bouquet of flowers and 12% would like a stranger to offer them a seat on their commute.

The survey results from 2,000 participants across the UK revealed the many ways to make your fellow Brits’ day on Random Acts of Kindness Day. Carrying on the goodwill, Grosvenor Casinos are out and about around Birmingham today, offering random acts of kindness to all we see – from complimentary coffees, travel passes, flowers, free dinners for yourself and a friend and the opportunity to try your luck with a free Grosvenor Casinos game!

Check out Grosvenor Casinos’ social feeds to find out more, and hashtag #givealuck to be in with a chance to win: FacebookInstagram and Twitter

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