Harborne Lane between Aston Webb Boulevard and Metchley Lane in Selly Oak has partially reopened today (01/12) after a large water main burst last Wednesday (23/11).

Engineers from Severn Trent Water are working around the clock to repair the pipe and restore traffic flow in the area.


Severn Trent Water has released the following statement: “We’re continuing to work hard in Selly Oak, and at the moment we’re still investigating the best option for fixing the pipe with the minimum amount of disruption.

“We’ve now been able to get a CCTV camera into the pipe which has shown us exactly where the pipe is damaged, which interestingly, is not where the sinkhole is.  The part of the pipe that’s damaged is under the grass verge near to the roundabout, and unfortunately there are lots of other critical utility pipes and cables in that area, making a dig down to the pipe much more difficult.  So – we’re taking the time now to fully investigate our options and work out the best way to do the job.

“In the meantime, we’ve opened up one side of Harborne Lane so traffic can get from Selly Oak up to Harborne as usual, and we’ve put right the footpaths in the area so that pedestrians can now get through the area safely.  This week, now that we know where the pipe is damaged, we’ve started work to excavate where the sinkhole is so that we can put that part of the road back to normal too.  We’ve also been working in the nearby allotments to create another access point onto the pipe which will help us to do the repairs.

“We want to say sorry to anyone who is being affected by this – it’s a really big and difficult job and it will take a long time to get everything back to normal, but we want to reassure everyone that we’re doing everything we can to do this essential work with the absolute minimum amount of disruption.”