A boy, aged 16, from Harborne, has been arrested after police in Birmingham found a revolver and suspected Class A drugs hidden in a stolen car.

Officers detained the boy, at around 1:15PM on Wednesday (15/02), after he bolted from a Ford Kuga found parked in Watton Green in Castle Vale.

A search of the car uncovered a hand gun and a quantity of white powder.

The firearm, powder and car have all been seized by police for forensic examination, while the teenager remains in police custody for questioning.

Detective Constable Richard Hibberd praised the member of the public who initially raised her suspicions about the vehicle.

He said: “Her Kuga was stolen in Castle Vale on Monday and she suspected it was her car running on false plates.

“Response officers arrived within a few minutes and arrested the teenager as he tried to escape; he’s been arrested for car theft and also for spitting at arresting officers.

“The car turned out not to be hers but it was a stolen car, taken from Castle Bromwich last month. In that respect it was a chance find – but a crucial one that’s seen a potentially lethal weapon taken off the streets.”

Another male fled the scene and police are appealing for witnesses.

Detective Constable Richard Hibberd, added: “Anyone who was in the area at the time and believes they may have seen the suspect running away is urged to call West Midlands Police Force CID on the 101 number.”