Birmingham City Council’s squad of waste enforcement officers are appealing for witnesses after more than 100 fridges were dumped on a Kings Norton road.

Officers were alerted on Monday (20/02) that six fridges that had been dumped on Ithon Grove but on arrival they found 110 flytipped fridges along the road.

Abandoning rubbish (flytipping) is illegal and offenders can face an unlimited fine and up to five years’ in jail if convicted at Crown Court.

Jacqui Kennedy, Acting Strategic Director – Place for Birmingham City Council, said: “It’s outrageous that people think dumping rubbish on a road, blighting our city, is acceptable – it is not. Enforcement officers are currently investigating to try and identify the perpetrators, so if you have any information please contact the council.

“I know the local community will be as horrified by this as I am, so I hope anybody with information will be brave enough to come forward. This is totally unacceptable and we will prosecute flytippers where evidence is available.

“Keeping Birmingham’s streets clean is everyone’s responsibility – no one wants to live in a dump – so we will continue to clamp down on these criminals, targeting areas where there’s a persistent problem.”

Kings Norton fridges #2 webIf you have any information about who flytipped these fridges on Ithon Grove, or wish to report any other similar incidents, please visit or email

The Waste Enforcement Unit investigates dumped rubbish, officers will sift through rubbish bags to identify where it came from, in order to prosecute flytippers.

Officers can also serve legal notice to landowners to clear rubbish that attracts or harbours vermin.