Six people have been banned from begging in the city centre after refusing to accept help to get them off the streets.

The men have all been given criminal behaviour orders (CBOs) after becoming a nuisance by pestering passers-by for cash or behaving in a drunk and disorderly manner.

All six CBOs have handed out over the last six months and range from one to five year bans.

Two men − aged 25 and 42 − have been banned from begging anywhere in England and Wales, while two others − aged 37 and 32 − have been banned from begging in Birmingham city centre.

A man, aged 46, has been ordered to stop begging in England and Wales, to stop littering and to not be in possession of any alcohol within the city centre area.

And a man, aged 42, has been ordered to not carry any unopened alcohol in the city centre or to behave in a drunk and disorderly manner.

Some of the men have also had ‘positive prohibitions’ added to their CBOs to ensure they take steps towards getting help and support, including a requirement to attend drug misuse sessions and an alcohol awareness course.

PC Lee Howard, from Birmingham Police, said: “We continue to provide help to beggars who may be homeless or battling addiction, with the help of local support groups. Our main focus is to help with rehabilitation, getting the practical things they need to get back on their feet

“This is done through close working with housing and care provider Midland Heart and Birmingham City Council as well as the charity Change Grow Live, which can help break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.

“But in some cases, where repeat offenders refuse the help available to them, we have to enforce stricter conditions including Criminal Behaviour Orders, to prevent nuisance and intimidation to members of the public and local businesses.

“We also ensure that as part of Criminal Behaviour Orders there are positive prohibitions where appropriate, so that the most vulnerable people get the help and support they need.”

You can alert the charity Streetlink to any rough sleepers via, by calling 0300 500 0914 or by using the Streetlink app.

To report passive beggars please email