The sunshine can do wonders for us. For some, it changes our mind sets completely and brings with it many happy thoughts. I am sure you will agree, it is ultra rare that we get the weather we have seen over the last few weeks. Hot and sunny! We have obviously been on our best behaviour!

Unfortunately, we never know quite how long this will last, so take in some fresh air whilst you can!

Stroll along the canal.

This had to be first on the list! Birmingham is well known for its canals and when the sun is shining they are a beautiful place to be. Slap on the sun screen and see where the walk takes you. There are many things to see on your journey, mostly importantly, cute dogs!  If you’re about town and you don’t fancy a journey on foot, or at least need a short break before you explore some more, Birmingham’s Water Bus is an amazing way to spend a sunny afternoon. Hop on at Brindley Place.

Visit one of our many parks for a picnic.

With over 8,000 acers of greenery, Birmingham is one of the most greenest cities in the UK. It is a privilege to live in such a large and bustling area, but with the benefit of escaping to the green when city life gets a little too claustrophobic. You’re never too far away from park here, so take the opportunity to make yourself your favourite childhood sandwiches, pack up a frisbee and indulge the youngster in you whilst the weather is in your favour.

 Enjoy a quick pint in a beer garden.

We’re not lacking in pubs either, as I am sure you’ll know! There are many with fantastic spots, perfect for soaking up some sun.  It seems a lot easier to get the gang out when the weather has warmed up and so, enjoying great company whilst sipping a crisp pint or a refreshing glass of vino has to be done once those rays hit the ground! A great excuse to walk your journey home and enjoy sights of the city too. Click here to find Birmingham’s best pub gardens.

Treat yourself to a meal at the Mailbox.

The Mailbox is a great little sun trap with many eateries offering outdoor dining in the summer months. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from, so you’re bound to find something you like. Cuisines include: Spanish, French, British, Oriental, Italian, American and more. It’s is perfectly reasonable to order a Tuna Nicoise  with a glass of white and make believe you’re on the French Rivera. That’s our plan!

 Choose a local street-food event.   

Birmingham has a love affair with street-food as you may know by now. Various events take place across the city and in neighbouring towns from day to day. We definitely recommend taking to one of these if you haven’t before. When its hot outside, these casual settings are some of the best in order to explore new tastes. Ideally, visit with a group so you can share your items and each enjoy the freshest of produce and the most exquisite flavours from every corner of the world.