A man and two associates have been sentenced to a total of 65 years imprisonment following an attempt to murder the partner of his ex-girlfriend.

Jealous Idris Mohammed was assisted by Amir Haider and Shamshullah Khan in carrying out the attack on Admington Road, Saltley in February.

His ex-girlfriend, with whom he shares a two and a half year old daughter, had broken up with him over his violent and controlling behaviour.

On the day of the attack, police were alerted that Mohammed was thought to be in possession of a firearm. It was believed that he was intending to harm his ex-girlfriend who was five months pregnant with her current partner’s child.

The woman was contacted by police about their concerns for her safety and she took the decision to take her child to spend the night elsewhere, leaving her boyfriend at their home.

At around 9.30pm that evening, Mohammed – along with an accomplice – turned up at the couple’s home, where a gun was pointed at the man’s head. However it failed to fire, so the man was pistol whipped and, after repeated attempts to fire the gun, a shot was discharged into the man’s groin.

The two offenders left the wounded man, where he was found by police officers, responding to calls from the public. He was taken to hospital where the bullet was removed and he still continues to recover.

Detective Inspector Ben West said:  “After a thorough investigation, we were still unable to prove who was at the scene of the crime with Mohammed, but I am pleased that the court has recognised the roles Haider and Khan played in the conspiracy by supplying the firearm and ammunition.

“The public can be reassured that these three very dangerous men will be going to prison for a long time.”

All three defendants were sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday (6 September) with conspiracy to murder, possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition after a three week trial ending on 3 August. Khan, aged 28 from Newton Road, Sparkhill, and 27-year-old Haider, from Osborn Road, Sparkhill, received 17 and 21 years respectively.

Mohammed, aged 26 from Carcroft Road, Yardley, was additionally found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 27 years with a five year extended licence.

DI West added: “We would encourage anyone who is suffering from domestic abuse to seek help. We have specially trained officers who can help and there are a raft of agencies who can also offer support.”