Three teenagers have been sentenced to more than 17 years imprisonment after stabbing a boy, aged 17, in Walmley, in June last year during an on-going dispute over a girl.

A police investigation discovered a teenage boy, now aged 17, had stabbed the victim.

The violence spanned two days and the same knife-wielding lout tried to stab another lad in a heated argument over a shared romantic interest in Wylde Green on Tuesday 21st June.

He was soon arrested by officers for his involvement in the violence, alongside an 18-year-old man who was spotted on CCTV carrying a knife at the time of the offence.

A second boy, aged 17, was also arrested for his part in the disorder, which left the victim fighting for his life in hospital.

The trio were aged just 16 and 17 when the incident took place – and therefore cannot be named for legal reasons – on Crawford Road just before 10pm on on Wednesday 22nd last year.

All three were arrested and charged with multiple offences and remanded in to custody ahead of the trial which started in May 2017.

During the six-week trial the court learned how the victim lost a kidney and his spleen as a result of the attack and is now permanently deaf in his left ear. Although outwardly recovered he will require life-long medical treatment for his internal injuries.

The knifeman was found guilty of two counts of possession of a knife; two counts of witness intimidation, wounding and violent disorder and sentenced to nine years in jail on Friday 7th July.

The 18-year-old was found guilty of possession of a knife, wounding and violent disorder and the second teenager, also aged 17, was found guilty of assault and violent disorder. They were sentenced to seven years and 18 months in prison respectively.

A fourth teenager – a friend of the other three – was cleared of any wrong-doing.

Detective Constable Sean Miley, from the Weest Midlands Police Complex Investigation Team, said: “This was a particularly violent attack, where they left the victim with life changing injuries and then fled the scene.

“Just carrying a knife leaves you open to spur of the moment actions which can have a potentially fatal outcome. The victim in this instance was extremely lucky to survive.

“We were able to identify the three through our vigorous investigation and these lengthy sentences highlight the consequences of their actions.”

He added: “Knife crime will not be tolerated and we are committed to tackling this; carrying out enforcement and also by education around the dangers.”