You’d be hard pushed to find a person who doesn’t love a chunk of cheese. The versatile dairy product is a staple for most whether that be as part of a sandwich, pasta dish or even a curry! Whether mozzarella, gorgonzola or plain old cheddar gives you, your kicks there isn’t much you can’t do with this most adored food. Not so long ago, a speciality cheese market cropped up in Digbeth, a cheese-centred restaurant will be open to all at Grand Central in weeks and hundreds have been going wild in the aisles for Aldi’s halloumi fries. See, a trusty option in all forms.

Here are some of the cheesiest treats available city wide:

Holy Moly Macaroni – Mac and Cheese

Saturday 21st July is a date for dairy devotees to note. Holy Moly Macaroni will open its doors to carb lovers,  who have been having cheese dreams about this Grand Central spot opening since their first announcement. Gooey servings of the ultimate comfort food will be coming your way soon enough. Ours is definitely going to be the Cluckin’ Hot! A blend of their phenomenal four cheese sauce and pasta, topped with Cajun chicken bacon and jalapeños.


Original Patty Men – Cheezy- E Burger

The legends that are Original Patty Men know how to use this lacto-packed delight to add ultimate flavour to their already succulent burgers. The Cheezy- E patty lets the mixture of cheese and meat do all the talking. Simple with fresh white onion, thick cut pickle, lettuce and Boss man sauce, leaving clean tastes to linger.

Alicia’s Micro Bake House – Noci

This is a saviour in the suburbs.  Alicia’s Micro Bake House has been causing quite the stir since it opened in Stirchley not too long ago. Their freshly, oven-baked pizzas are authentic and delicious with molten cheese the focal point of each and every slice! The Noci is a particular favourite with fans of the taste. Mozzarella, walnut, gorgonzola & caramelised onions.

The Alchemist – Halloumi Fingers

Renowned for their premium cocktails and splendid food are The Alchemist, who have recently announced the introduction of halloumi fries to their menu. This is one cheese proving ever more popular as time goes on, so, if you are yet to join the bandwagon these are the perfect order. Sweet mustard mayo accompany the fries adding a sweet, sharpness to the salty treat.

Arch 13 – Speciality Cheese Boards

Arch 13 is a brand-new wine bar based near Snow Hill Station. Nothing pairs better with wine than cheese! So, it was only right they opened offering fabulous boards to accompany their huge collection of sophisticated bottles. Choose a board featuring between 3 – 10 cheeses from their menu or a create your own!

Itihaas – Makhani Paneer

Told you cheese was versatile, you can even plonk it in a curry to make the most of the ingredient. Paneer is particularly popular in Indian dishes and if you haven’t tried a veggie version of your favourite then you really are missing out! Itihaas are a much-praised eatery that offer amazing paneer options, including, the Makhani – a tangy curry made with cardamom, fresh cream, yogurt and chilli. So satisfying!