Wheels set in motion for bus lane cameras across Birmingham

Birmingham City Council Cabinet is to set the wheels in motion for the next phase of bus lane enforcement cameras across Birmingham.

A report due to go before cabinet members on Tuesday 24th January asks them to approve a full business case for the scheme, which will see cameras installed to enforce bus lanes on Lichfield Road, Tyburn Road and the B4218 Bordesley Green East.

Once approved, work will begin to procure the cameras and prepare for the implementation of the scheme, which is expected to go live during the summer. Locations of the enforcement areas will be widely publicised by the council ahead of the launch, while particular attention will also be paid to ensuring clear signage and road markings.

Councillor Stewart Stacey, Cabinet Member for Transport and Roads at Birmingham City Council, said: “Motorists illegally travelling in bus lanes have a serious impact on journey times for bus and taxi passengers and further exacerbate the city’s congestion problems. This, in turn, also has an adverse environmental impact.

“Enforcement is an important tool in helping to keep the city moving and its costs are paid for from the penalty charges, including employing civil enforcement officers, the administration of staff involved in collecting the fines, maintenance of signs and lines and other associated costs. Should there be any surplus, it can only be spent on measures to improve public transport or other highway associated improvements.

“There have always been restrictions on driving in bus lanes. This isn’t about trying to catch people out, so any areas where enforcement is taking place will be clearly identified with signage and road markings that are not only legally and technically compliant, but are seen as fair and reasonable – we have learned the lessons of 2013.

“I would much rather see motorists keeping out of bus lanes than paying us fines. Even if we don’t collect a single penny, we will still consider the scheme to have been a success as it means motorists will have heeded the message and stayed out of the lanes.”


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