“Honestly, he was so, so lucky!” are the words of one of the paramedics who was left amazed after seeing a teenage driver of a van get out of a crash with relatively minor injuries despite huge damage to the front of the vehicle he was in.

Emergency services were dispatched to the M6 southbound just before J10A, at around 9.45PM on Tuesday, to reports of a collision.

On arrival, ambulance staff and firefighters found a blue van that was embedded under the rear of an articulated lorry.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Due to the level of damage, it took firefighters an hour to cut away enough of the van to allow the two people inside the van to get out; throughout, the pair were receiving care from ambulance staff.

“The 18 year old driving, who comes from Warwickshire, escaped with only a broken left wrist. After being assessed by the doctor at the scene, he was taken to Walsall Manor Hospital.

“The man’s 8 year sister, who was in the front passenger seat, escaped uninjured.  After being assessed, she was discharged at the scene.

“The man driving the lorry was unhurt but a bit shaken.”