(Image: Courtesy of Serve)

Serve is set to be the newest of battiest ventures coming to town in the near future. The bar places heavy focus on ping-pong day and night! Experts and beginners, alike, are welcome for an unforgettably exciting experience.

Early Bird ping-pong will be family friendly, also with session perfect for a hangout on a hangover and brunch specials too. As day turns to night, things change up! The lights dim and the darker side of Serve stimulates senses, making a most exhilarating evening.

Bouncing those balls is thirsty work! So it’s a great job that food and drinks will be served as part of a delicious menu to keep you going. Cocktails are a must, plus a little dutch courage will help you combat your friends with no fear. Perfect!

Although yet to reveal the launch date, we know that Serve will be opening to sports fans during the summer. It’s central location on Cherry Street ensures a great hang-out for working folks on week-days.

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