Today sees campaigning for Channel 4 to relocate to the West Midlands reach fever pitch. Creatives from across the region are taking part in ‘Social Media Live Day’ which will feature various interviews and performances from a wealth of diverse talent across our 7 districts.

If you are an avid social users you will have seen #WMGeneration across your feeds for some time now. This effort has swept the area and has those from all walks of life fighting to persuade Channel 4 to move to the Midlands, following the government’s request that they consider a move from the capital.

Just some of the activities taking place over today, include interviews with stars, such as: Radio 1Xtra’s David Whiteley AKA SideManAllDay, spoken word poet Adaya Henry, Hip-Hop star Malik and musician Sibby. Interviews with Laura Mcmillian and the Positive Youth Foundation, CEO for the Creative Academies Network Jerrel Jackson and Anisa Haghdadi of Beatfreaks will also take place in a bid to convince Channel 4 and the rest of the UK that we are the best choice.

Of course, we champion our West Mids neighbours forever and always but we are secretly hoping that Birmingham is crowned the new home to the most alternative and diverse stations on TV.

Here are just a few reasons why we think Birmingham is best:

We are the youngest city in Europe

We can promise a host of young talent from across our city who are in tune with the channel’s demographic.

We are diverse

We can bring all manner of culture and experiences to the pot, allowing the channel to become more and more aligned with the people of Britain.

We are great for business

Just recently it was announced that Birmingham is once again the best city for start-ups outside of London and we are sure HSBC will be happy in their new HQ here.

We are great breeders of artistic talent

Jasper Carrot, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Chris Tarrant and Tolkien all either studied or grew up here, and may we mention Shakespeare lived only up the road!

It would be a fabulous opportunity for Birmingham to see another huge company call it home. This kind of relocation would be hugely promising for the talent we have here and will be great for a city that is in the midst of a successful regeneration.

Don’t forget to make your feelings known across social media platforms in a bid to see Channel 4 set up shop! #WMGeneration

(Image: Birmingham Updates)