(Image: Katie Piper)

Katie Piper, a former model who suffered an acid attack at the hands of an ex-boyfriend tells her story at the Old Rep this Friday (18/05), in the hopes to help others suffering with body image issues.

In a world that is hugely image obsessed, more and more people are suffering from anxieties concerning how they look. The wide-spread use of Instagram and photo-editing tools are effecting the way in which we see ourselves, especially in comparison to others, and Katie wants to tackle these problems.

Her debut tour will see her discuss what she has learnt during her toughest times and how she copes with the aftermath of such an attack. She talks anxiety and how the devastating event changed her life forever. She’ll share her intimate diary entries, personal photographs and memories with the audience as she encourages others to strive in the face of adversity. Highly inspirational!

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