(Image: Sega)

Every Sunday up until 6th January the One Trick Pony in Moseley welcome gamers, experts and beginners alike, to the ultimate Funday with a selection of consoles and games to be exchanged from behind the bar. If you’re someone who regularly gets a little bored during the least popular day of the weekend, then head here and problem solved!

Although the consoles are set up for you and your mates to stroll in and get down to it, you can make a booking if there is a specific console you would like to claim! The same goes for games. A booth can also be reserved so there’s no need to worry about seating either.

The bar has set-up tournaments between groups in the past, so whether you want to keep yourselves to yourselves or challenge others, there are plenty of options to suit! All for free!

(Image: Courtesy of One Trick Pony’s Facebook page)

An amazing craft beer selection is also a huge draw for this one! You’re likely to find a beverage fit for your tastes here, regardless of preference. Beers, wines, ciders, soft drinks are all available, and spirits, of course! Although maybe a bit much on a Sunday, no doubt!

Additionally, children are welcomed up until 7pm, so this could be in the running for a laid-back Sunday activity, requiring minimal effort for parents looking to keep their little ones quiet whilst they sit back and relax on the day of rest!