West Midlands Railway and London Northwestern Railway staff have donated over ten tonnes of old uniform to The Salvation Army.

The donation comes as the rail firms rolled out new uniforms to over 2,000 staff earlier this year. Items going to the charity have included everything from shirts, trousers, dresses, coats, suit jackets and jumpers, to other accessories such as ties and scarves.

Donated suit jackets and trousers will be de-branded and made available by The Salvation Army Trading Company’s charity shops to those who need them most. For example, being provided as interview clothing and workwear for people looking to get back into employment.

Other items will be shredded and made into carpets, insulation, cushions or even the stuffing for car seats.

Andy Camp, commercial director for London Northwestern Railway and West Midlands Railway, said: “Our staff uniforms include such a range of items, that when we came to rebranding and reissuing our uniforms, there was a significant challenge of what could be done with the unused clothing that would be created.

“By donating old uniforms to The Salvation Army, we wanted to give something back to the communities we serve, whilst ensuring as many items as possible were recycled. The response from our staff has been fantastic and we are pleased to have diverted over ten tonnes of unused clothing away from landfill.”

The Salvation Army is involved in a range of projects to support vulnerable people, including those experiencing homelessness and unemployment. Every night the charity provides 3,000 accommodation places in 82 lifehouses.

Kirk Bradley, head of corporate partnerships from The Salvation Army Trading Company, said: “This partnership has been a great success which has enabled The Salvation Army to help West Midlands Railway and London Northwestern Railway staff to responsibly recycle their excess uniforms. By diverting over ten tonnes from landfill we are raising funds to help the vital work of The Salvation Army continue, supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people. A fantastic result from all the staff, thank you”