From cake decorating to fine dining and Caribbean masterclasses, these cookery schools have something for everyone’s taste buds…

1. Simpsons Eureka Kitchen

Your dinner parties will never be the same once you’ve acquired these fine-dining culinary skills!

Courses take place at the Michelin Star restaurant every Saturday where you’ll be given an expert demonstration by one of the incredible chefs in a state-of-the-art kitchen.

This unforgettable experience includes coffee on arrival with a three-course lunch to follow. Oh, and did we mention they have champagne breaks throughout the day?

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  1. Maz’s Indian Cooking
Image: Atul Prajapati

If you’ve been trying for years to master that curry recipe, then Maz’s class is just what you need.

An award-winning professional chef and cooking instructor, Maz offers a hands-on cooking experience, teaching students the art of perfecting a variety of authentic and delicious Indian-inspired recipes.

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  1. Harborne Food School
Image: Steve Buissinne

One of Birmingham’s most notable cookery schools, Harborne Food School offers an array of innovative cookery classes suited to all levels of ability.

Here you’ll learn the fundamentals for cooking healthy and sustainable meals, in addition to receiving advice on where in the city to buy all of your ingredients.

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  1. Kitchen School
Image: Divily

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned chef – this urban artisan food school has something to teach every cook.

From grasping the very basics, such as cooking pasta correctly (yes, you’ve probably been doing it wrong) to taking on more advanced dishes, including traditional tapas and mouth-watering steaks.

More than just a cookery class, Kitchen School offers a real foodie experience. Once you’re finished cooking, you can expect to sit down and enjoy a three-course meal, complemented by a well-deserved glass of wine.

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  1. Tan Rosie Caribbean Cookery School

As much as we’d all prefer to be enjoying a taste of the Caribbean in the actual Caribbean, the masterclasses at Tan Rosie Caribbean Cookery School come in at a close second.

Master the art of Caribbean cuisine with delectable dishes from Jamaica, St. Lucia and Barbados. After one full day at this cookery school, you’ll have all you need to serve up incredible authentic Caribbean canapés at your next dinner party.

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  1. Chitty’s Cakes

Chitty’s Cakes offer a variety of classes and short courses in cake, cupcake and biscuit baking and decoration.

Suited for all levels of baking enthusiasts, classes range from just two hours to two full days, and there’s even a weekly month-long course option. They’ll have you ready for The Great British Bake Off in no time at all!

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