Dedicated police volunteer Cyril Beavor

A dedicated police co-ordinator, is hanging up his high visibility jacket for the last time after dedicating over 30 years of his life to volunteering for the police and helping to reduce and prevent crime in his area.

For over three decades Cyril Beavor, the public spirited pensioner has attended Neighbourhood Watch meetings and provided a vital link between the police and the community.

Cyril joined at a time when West Midlands Police faced unprecedented challenges with the Handsworth riots and the miners’ strike and has dedicated his life to making a change.

He assisted in getting the Hall Green Neighbourhood Watch programme up and running and has been an integral part of the group, as well as taking an active role in carrying out speed watch checks as a community volunteer.

In 2015, Cyril’s hard work and dedication was recognised by the force and he was presented with a Community Service award by the Chief Constable.

Although Cyril stopped attending meetings due to his health, he continued to receive the monthly letters from officers, which he delivered to fellow residents who were unable to attend the meetings.

He is now taking a step away from volunteering and enjoy time with his wife, however he continues to offer his support and friendship to the local neighbourhood team.

Sergeant Michelle Cassidy, from Hall Green neighbourhood team, said: “Not only has Cyril shown dedication and loyalty to us as a force, he has provided friendship to our team for the last 30 years.

“We are so grateful for the commitment he has given us and I want to say a big thank you to Cyril for his hard work.”

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