Available from 6th – 28th April 2019, the prehistoric Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom is the first outdoor Ice Age experience of its kind in the UK and is a spectacular opportunity to come face-to-face with life-sized beasts that roamed the Earth 70,000 years ago.

With over 40 installations, visitors can explore the gardens and parklands and learn about the spectacular Ice Age beasts that are brought to life with incredible animatronics, complete with moving tails and heads, blinking eyes and opening jaws. Including a Mastodon (giant elephants), Woolly Mammoth, Smilodon (Sabre-Toothed Tiger), Megatherium (Giant Sloth), Cave Lion, Woolly Rhinoceros, Short Faced Bear and many more, the tour is filled with atmospheric sounds, scenery and props that recreate the Ice Age period. The Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom provides a fun, unique and educational experience for all the family over the Easter school holidays!

Created by Weli Cultural Alliance – the team behind the hugely popular Magical Lantern Festival – the tour remains at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens until 28 April before heading on a UK tour, stopping at Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds.

Naz Kabir, Global Event Producer and Marketing Director, said:

“We are excited to bring Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom to Birmingham as the first stop on our UK tour. This new concept has delivered a fantastic family experience, filled with both entertainment and education; teaching children about prehistoric times and bringing history to life. It’s a great day out for the family and allows you to explore the stunning Birmingham Botanical Gardens.”

To celebrate the tour’s debut in Birmingham, Weli Cultural Alliance gifted 500 tickets to the Birmingham Children’s Trust, giving the city’s adoption and foster families the opportunity to explore the exhibition. Naz continued saying:

“It’s really important to us to make Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom accessible to everyone, so we were delighted we were able to work with Birmingham Children’s Trust and gift tickets to the local families they support.”

Additionally, along the route is a mini cinema that showcases an educational Ice Age documentary, drink stalls and street food, fossil excavation pit and a merchandise shop for visitors to take home a souvenir of their experience.

Tickets for Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom are on sale now and can be booked online in advance for £12.50 for adults and £10.50 for children

Visit iceagekingdom.com for more information and to book tickets.

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