If you’re looking for a fun afternoon out then you absolutely have to go to Escape Live in Birmingham. The experience is something quirky, unusual and is a fun way to get those brain cogs moving!

Upon entering the venue you will be greeted with smiling staff and instantly sense the exciting buzz filling the air. I had the opportunity to try the Dr Wilson room and the experience was fantastic (and hilariously stressful). My group managed to get out with 6 minutes to spare, although I have to admit we had one or two hints. But really, who knew challenging your brain could be such fun?!

The venue has four different escape room scenarios, all different levels, which are designed to push you to your limit. The rooms are as follows:

Dr Wilson
Dr Wilson is a master detective who has solved many crimes in his distinguished career. But this case could prove to be deadly for him. One of the suspects he is investigating is threatening his life. Dr Wilson is now relying on you and your team to unveil the identity of the right suspect. He’s left clues around his office and it’s up to you to find them, solve the mystery and escape.

Room 13
Room 13 is a unique experience which is not for the faint-hearted. Amy is locked in a room and is relying on your team’s wit and skill to get her out alive. You are her only hope. You must piece together clues, solve puzzles and find objects to get the four digit number you need to release her. With just 60 minutes to rescue Amy, will you manage to save her life?

The Lab
You have arrived at a scientific research facility where cutting-edge research is being conducted. The facility has been hit by a toxic gas leak in its storage zone and you will have to work with your team members to isolate the affected areas, make the facility safe and escape within 60 minutes.

The Time Machine
Time travel has always been a challenge but one of our staff has successfully invented Birmingham’s first ever time machine! Whilst travelling through time he has uncovered a glitch in the machine and now needs your help. You are required to travel through time and help him get back to the present.

Escape Live is located in the Jewellery Quarter and is an experience which is simply not to be missed. With the MyBull keyring, you can get 10% off your game when you book online! For more information, click here: https://www.birminghamupdates.com/mybull/

To book your experience follow this link:https://www.escapelive.co.uk/locations/birmingham/