Art Garfunkel is appearing at the Symphony Hall for an evening of songs and stories on Wednesday 17th April. The show will be a career perspective including Simon & Garfunkel classics, solo hits, and extracts from Garfunkel’s autobiography, ‘What Is It All But Luminous: Notes from an Underground Man’.

The event is a fantastic opportunity to hear more about one half of the iconic duo that is Simon & Garfunkel. The band has won many awards and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Outside of the band Garfunkel himself has received Grammy awards, a Golden Globe nomination, and published collections of poetry. This evening will show the interesting and varied life this singer-songwriter has had.

Garfunkel met Simon while at school when they were cast in Alice and Wonderland together. It has been said that Simon became interested in music after hearing Garfunkel sing in a talent show at their school. The two men have been in one another’s lives for such a long time and Garfunkel’s autobiography is sure to be a fascinating exploration of how Garfunkel exists outside of the duo.

Indeed, Garfunkel has had many careers outside of Simon & Garfunkel. His best known solo song can be considered Bright Eyes which was featured in the children’s animated film Watership Down. The song became the highest selling single in the UK in 1979. Garfunkel has also been an actor and between the band breaking up and reuniting Garfunkel starred in the film adaptation of Catch-22 and as Sandy in Carnal Knowledge, a role for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe for best supporting actor in 1972. Alongside these careers Garfunkel has published collections of poetry and even become a high school maths teacher during a hiatus from the band. This collection of experiences shows that Garfunkel is a man with an interesting story to tell and the night will be full of unusual stories and beautiful songs!

The event is at the Symphony Hall on Wednesday 17th April at 7.45 pm. Tickets are selling at £40.50, £48, and £60.50. If you buy tickets as a group the ticket commission is reduced to £1 per ticket – so if you have a gaggle of friends who love Simon & Garfunkel now is the time to arrange a meetup!

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