Bask in the Festival of Light – a free outdoor art exhibition!

At this time of year, when the nights are still long it is important to remember the light. You can fill your home with candles, get an SAD lamp, or keep up some sparkling Christmas lights just a little bit longer. Another way to embrace the light at this time is to come along to The Festival of Light.

The acclaimed exhibition is back in Birmingham this month at Bullring & Grand Central between Friday 24th January and Sunday 2nd February. An amazing celebration of light in all its forms just when we need it most. January is a month full of darkness, cold, and going back to work from the joy of the holidays. Why not come down and be re-awakened by the beauty of light at this beautiful exhibition?

The free event will transform the city centre’s outdoor spaces including Rotunda Square, St Martin’s Walk and St Martin’s Square. With five spectacular installations, everyone will be able to see some incredible artwork in everyday surroundings.

Birds Fly Around With You

Rotunda Square hosts an interactive light sculpture by Masamichi Shimada, enchanting for every age. Enter the circle to activate the magical machine and watch birds come to life around you. Perfect for bird watchers or young people missing the magic of the holidays!

Neon Angel Wings

Also in Rotunda Square renowned neon light artist, Carla O’Brien, has created this work that has toured the world. It’s a great opportunity for a photo op, as well as a moment to bask in the bright light.


Pulse is a series of loop light structures on St Martin’s Walk creating a journey towards St Martin’s Church. This is a fully immersive experience complete with light and sound. Why not take a different route home so you can experience it?

With Love

St Martin’s Balcony is host to a bright red inflatable heart that beats in time with the city. The heart takes the pulse of its environment, sensing the light, temperature, and atmospheric pressure, and translating it into flashing lights and heartbeat sounds. Well worth multiple journeys to see how the pulse changes dependent on the time of the day and the atmosphere surrounding it. A beautiful way to pay tribute to your city.

Talk to the Skies

An interactive, collaborative light and sound installation situated in St Martin’s Square. This is a must-visit. Have a go at creating art as your voice is converted into light and sound pulses that rocket through space. A truly immersive experience that is entirely reliant on its audience – children will love this artwork!

The festival begins at 5pm and is free.