Bear Grylls today (12/07) unveils the exciting plans for a one of a kind immersive Dive experience at the Bear Grylls Adventure park in Birmingham, England.

Guests with little or no previous experience can scuba dive or snorkel through a giant megalodon jaw, pass through stunning coral and rockwork theming and into a maze of flooded compartments in a simulated ship wreck.

James Thomas, general manager of The Bear Grylls Adventure at the NEC checks out the dive tank ahead of it’s filling.

Visitors will explore this all-encompassing underwater world alongside aquatic creatures, including Black Tip Reef Sharks, Starry Pufferfish, Cownose Rays, Queen Angelfish and Lipstick Tang, as well as blue lined snappers, Guinea Fowl Puffers and Doctorfish.

General Manager of the Bear Grylls Adventure James Thomas was pictured giving the theming a final once over and making sure it was as the team and Bear had designed. He said: “Dive is another epic adventure for our visitors to experience and really brings another  amazing dimension to the attraction. Even if guests aren’t diving they can still get a glimpse in through the giant observation window.”

The Bear Grylls Adventure is also announcing an exciting new partnership with the Shark Trust, the leading UK-based shark conservation charity, which will see the adventure park donate a percentage of each and every dive to the Trust.

Each donation will help fund the new Shark Log citizen science project which will gather valuable information about sharks around the world via an app, contributing to the research and conservation of sharks.

The project will provide valuable tools to enable divers to identify and record the sharks and rays that they encounter on their underwater explorations globally, and provide new opportunities to connect shark conservation with responsible aquariums.

Paul Cox, Managing Director of the Shark Trust said: “It’s great for us to team up with The Bear Grylls Adventure for this new project. Getting involved in proactive solutions is what conservation is all about, and we’re absolutely committed at the Shark Trust in finding new ways to engage people with shark protection and preservation globally.”

“We’ve a long history of working with responsible aquariums. They can have a really positive impact on the conservation of sharks through quality education and acting as a connection between their millions of visitors and the challenges faced by wild animals. We’re really excited by this new venture”

Bear Grylls added: “I can’t wait for guests to be able to immerse themselves in this uniqueunderwater world. We are so proud to partner with the Shark Trust, to highlight the importance of shark conservation, to further education and to allow our visitors to really engage and understand these majestic creatures.”

Accompanied by a pro diving team, thrill seekers will be able to explore the submersive experience, decked out in full kit as provided by the team. Adventurers do not need any previous experience and can choose between snorkelling or scuba diving activities. They will receive all necessary training during their visit at The Bear Grylls Adventure.

The Bear Grylls Adventure attraction provides the ultimate way to test yourself physically and mentally. The attraction opens at the NEC in Birmingham in Autumn 2018 with tickets available for purchase from 1st August. For more information please visit