Waking up in the morning can sometimes be a struggle, but with Snoozle waking up just got a whole lot better. Instead of an alarm tone you probably hate, you can now wake up to ’Snoozles! Snoozles are 12 second voice messages from your best friends, family, bae, or social media influencers, and they’re changing the way the world wakes up – and it all started in Birmingham!

Here’s the deal, this app makes waking up fun. You can send ’Snoozles’ to your friend’s phone and when their alarm goes off, they’ll wake up to the sound of your voice! Once a Snoozle has been heard it can be listened to for 24 hours and then it disappears, meaning your morning wake-ups are different every day – so no more dreading the sound of your alarm tone. Plus it will be an extra surprise because your friend won’t know who has sent them Snoozles until they play in the morning!

So if you want to remind your friend of the hilarious night you had last night, fancy a new and fun way to tell your bae that you can’t wait to see them later, or just want to annoy your friend because it’s funny – all of this is made easy with Snoozle. This social alarm clock app is also a great way for content creators to engage with their fans in a completely new way, kick-starting their day with some positivity!

Snoozle is already a huge hit in Birmingham and has taken the city by storm. The app is the brainchild of Phil Neale and brother Dan Neale (both fellow Brummies, who you might recognise from the Live Final of Britain’s Got Talent 2015 as half of ’The Neales’) and last year became the number one ‘Investment Opportunity’ on Europe’s largest crowdfunding platform.

Snoozle is completely free and one of the shining lights of Birmingham’s growing tech scene. Speaking of Snoozle’s early success, Phil said: “We want to make the first few minutes of every day better, and we’re delighted that Birmingham is starting to really get behind us! Hopefully soon we can have the whole city waking up to Snoozles, as well as helping Birmingham’s content creators add value to their fans first thing in the morning!”

So come on Brummies, let’s share the news and get behind Snoozle: http://bit.ly/BhamS