On 31st January, The GAP Arts Project in Balsall Heath will showcase the poignant Empowering Women documentary, directed, shot and edited by Sarah Thölin-Chittenden.

Sarah, a Birmingham resident, has produced a film that explores the experiences of activists and politicians active around the city. Also delving deep into the history of the suffrage campaign.

The doc seeks to understand the political representation of women from minority groups with the intents to improve on their experience. The project focused particularly on young women within the Hall Green constituency to achieve this, using skills-based sessions, discussion groups and archiving.

The project gives a realistic idea of how politics shapes the lives of women from past, present and future perspectives, all funded by the Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme.

Proceedings start at 7pm and after the screening a Q&A will take place with Sarah, for those who want to dig a little deeper. Food will be available on the night, courtesy of the Real Junk Food Project. Although the event itself is completely free, donations can be given to ACORN Renters Union.