With Halloween around the corner, what better way to celebrate than to jive to Tarantino’s greatest hits? Tarantino’s films are known for their catchy and cool soundtracks – perfect for the sleekest Halloween party!

The Night Owl presents Pulp Killers, a party celebrating twenty five years of Pulp Fiction and Natural Born Killers. With a live band, Pulp Friction, performing songs and music from classic soundtracks including Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Dusk Til Dawn and many, many more this night promises to be one to remember.

As well as having a fantastic live band there will be DJs Mazzy Snape and T Bird playing music that inspired Tarantino – lots of rock and roll, soul, and funk. Everything to get you feeling like you are in a Tarantino movie – hopefully with a little less blood and gore! Although it is Halloween…

These are stylish films so of course there will be a prize for the best dressed! There will also be a twist dance competition, so dust off your dancing shoes and crisp, white shirts!

Celebrate Halloween in a fun, chic, and dramatic way at Pulp Killers! Doors open at 9pm at The Night Owl on Trinity Street. Tickets are £7 online, with more at the door.