Birmingham City Council Wheelie Bin

Cllr Majid Mahmood, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling has announced the council is allocating additional resources to tackle the back log of missed refuse and recycling collections across the city.

In a statement Majid said “Following the start of the rollout of our new waste management service we have been closely monitoring how well the new routes and shift patterns are working, and I promised a regular update on how the new arrangements are working.

“We said all along that it was going to take some time to bed in and if collections are missed, please accept our apologies.

“It has become very clear that certain days are causing more problems than others, with the same roads being missed, meaning that when we go back we are collecting larger amounts of waste.

“To deal with this we are putting in additional resources, aiming to pick up all outstanding collections so we can start afresh and properly identify what the problem is, tracking our rounds against the same days of the week so we are comparing like with like.”

Over the past six weeks the council has reallocated 360,000 properties to 176 newly formed refuse and recycling teams.

Back in September the council launched a new refuse operating model to provide a more modern and efficient service in collective agreement with trade unions. As part of the new model crews are now collecting from 5.30am on some rounds and the council is asking residents to ensure bins are presented by then on collection day, or after 3.30pm the day before.