(Photo: The Box)

  1. If you fancy a glass of white wine whilst the weather is fine, and lets face it, who doesn’t? We recommend popping some grapes in the freezer and adding them to the tipple of your choice without tampering with the flavour. One to impress guests with at a garden gathering, for sure.

(Photo: Kare)

  1. A tip in a similar vein, for the iced coffee fan. If you prefer to make your own at home, this really is a great trick for you! Make a batch of cold, coffee and pour into an ice cube tray. A few hours later you’ll have coffee cubes that you can add to a creamy treat without watering down all that bitter-sweet goodness.

(Photo: Lincoln Beer)

  1. Picture the scene. The footie is about to start and you’ve only just arrived back home from a trip to the supermarket to stock up on the beers. Often multi-packs aren’t refrigerated but a warm pint is just absolutely out of the question! Wrap a bottle or can in wet kitchen roll, leave in the freezer for 5-10 mins and retrieve an ice-cold drink. Yes, this really works!

(Photo: Natasha Breen)

  1. When adding a sweet and sour edge to fruity cocktails, keep citrus additions out of the fridge. Chilled lemons and limes are unlikely to juice as well if they are cold. In fact, if you microwave a lemon for 10 seconds it will produce 50% more juice to add to that tasty little Pimms.

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  1. This may be a tip often over-looked, but be extra careful when handling your garnish. Tear up mint leaves gently as muddling too much can cause bruising, leaving an incredibly unpleasant bitter taste, such a shame if you have perfected your drink, only to ruin with the finishing touch.