Admin fees? Gone. Fees for changing, ending or extending your tenancy? Gone. Traditional deposits? Going!

Traditional deposits are not for everyone and can be expensive, so FleetMilne has found an alternative. Partnering with Reposit, they are now offering a choice: something different to the conventional 5-week deposit, cutting cost move in costs almost completely.

Reposit was founded by tenants who wanted to challenge the existing way of renting and who believe that having a lump sum needed to move into a property is ridiculous! Tenants should be free to spend money on what they love, by avoiding having a large amount of cash tied up in a deposit.

This alternative deposit scheme will no doubt, in time, replace the costly upfront tenancy deposit entirely. So, how does it work? Instead of having to find 5 week’s rent, you’ll pay a one-off, non-refundable fee equal to 1 week’s rent. And that’s it: no hidden charges, no extra costs.

Of course, if you cause any damage during your tenancy, or don’t leave it quite as clean as it was when you moved in, you’ll be charged for rectifying this after you vacate – but we know you’d never do that.

Often, the cost of a deposit can stop people from moving to where they want to be, and it forces them to accept the second best – that doesn’t sit right with FleetMilne! That’s why they are one of the first agents in the city to fully embrace this new type of deposit scheme, offering it on every-single-one of their fully-managed properties!

Reposit makes it easier to get a foot in the door of your ideal rental home. Pay less, live more!

On top of the distinct monetary advantages, the process of using an alternative deposit scheme is swift and easy.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Find your new home. Tell us you’d like to use Reposit and we’ll refer you via email
  2. You pay one week’s rent as a fee to reposit
  3. Happily ever after!

Sound good? We thought so.

If this tickles your fancy, here’s just a few properties you could take advantage of this new scheme with:

West Two | City Core

2 bedrooms, £750 pcm, available now!



Camden Street Lofts | Jewellery Quarter

2 bedrooms, £1600pcm, parking excluded, available now!



Kenyon Forge | Jewellery Quarter

1 bedroom, £745, available now!



Scholars Gate | The Mailbox

2 bedrooms, £1,400 pcm, parking available on request, available now!



Kenyon Forge | Jewellery Quarter

Studio/1 bedroom, £800pcm, available 29th July



Westside | City Core

1 bedroom, £650pcm, available 12th August



New Hampton Lofts | Jewellery Quarter

2 bedrooms, £1500pcm, available 21st August



St James Court | Jewellery Quarter

2 bedrooms, £1700pcm, parking included, available now!


Not seen your new home yet? You can view all of FleetMilne’s rental properties here. You can also call them, or pop in – Whatever ‘you’re looking for, you can count on FleetMilne to already have something in mind.


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