Former Deal or No Deal, presenter Noel Edmonds will be one of several special guests at a screening of a new film, hosted at the Midlands Art Centre this weekend (17/03).

Noel will join director and producer, Neil Mitchell and writer and co-producer George Kerevan, during an onstage Q&A after the screening of ‘Spank the Banker’.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Samir Mehanovic, Spank the Banker tells the story of what happened after the big banks were bailed out by UK taxpayers in 2008.

The film follows the intimate stories of six individuals who refused to be intimidated and fought back against the financial system.

Among others, Spank the Banker tells the story of Nikki and Paul Turner, who masterminded sound and lighting for Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen and the famous Live Aid concert – and who have spent a decade fighting banks for justice and Noel Edmonds, who was pushed to the edge of suicide when his £60 million business was stolen.

The screening and Q&A will take place on 17 March. To find out more or to book, visit