Glimpse opticians have recently launched in the Great Western Arcade, priding themselves on being a lighthouse of independence, amongst an array of generic high-street opticians. This modern take on eyewear is any glasses-wearers dream. Their independence is really at the heart of what they do. They are a key cog in Birmingham’s independent trader scene.

Their edgy shop is nothing like any opticians you’ve been to before. They claim to be as different to the conveyor belt-style mass market opticians as you are to their next customer. They believe that every face, every eye and every lens requires bespoke care which is what they provide.

They deliver a relaxed but comprehensive consultation, followed by a thorough and friendly eye- examination using the latest (and most non-invasive) equipment. They will find exactly the right lenses or contact lenses for you, providing absolute clarity and confidence in your vision.

They differentiate themselves through service, product and quality. Their ethos is all about finding a frame which specifically works for you and your lifestyle. As an independent store, they can source eyewear and lenses that are not available anywhere elsewhere in the city. They boast an eclectic mix of brands exclusive to them, so you can leave knowing you’re wearing frames that are few and far between.

Matt at Glimpse said: “We get to know people and they become part of our story and that’s what people like about us and keeps them returning.

“Nobody else in Birmingham sells the products we sell. We go to international shows in Paris, Germany and London to carefully select our eyewear. We look for quality and something a bit different. We want to curate a broad spectrum of eyewear that people will love, without having to have too many frames on the wall.

“We’re all about that guided approach and people come to us because they want something different.”

Glimpse amalgamates a personal service combined with a personalised product reflecting their dedication to excellent customer service. With MyBull you can get a huge £50 off your pair of designer glasses.