(Image: Maltesers)

Trusty Maltesers have become quite the British staple. Nothing beats a bag when sipping on a warming cuppa tea, that’s for sure. And although the old faithful’s will remain, the company behind the beauties have just announced, after months of speculation, that we should expect some new additions. These tasty new treats will be available in mid-July, so hold your horses!

Malteser Buttons are first up, taking on the familiar flavour of the original, yet flattened to form a milk chocolate button packed with your favourite crunchy bits. The brand will also be dipping their toe into the much more premium world of chocolate too. Announcing the Malteser Truffle which stays true to the marvellous crunch of the sphere but offers a creamier inside, perfect for those who love their indulgent and rich flavours. Either way, both newcomers are said to go down fabulously with a brew, so no need to panic!

The move is set to increase brand awareness. With the Buttons appealing to younger crowds and the Truffles becoming a favoured gifting option for special occasions! At first, rumour had it that the original, and truly iconic Malteser was making way for its younger model, the Button, but it has since been confirmed that the much-loved chocolatey globe will remain on shelves permanently!