Heartlands Hospital Charity has recently been gifted by Truvia Toys a fun-sized version of a luxurious 4X4, the perfect gift to cheer up their little poorly patients.

The car will be parked on the Children’s Wards at Heartlands Hospital and will be used regularly by the many young patients waiting to be taken to surgery, easing their nerves before their operation and most importantly, letting them have a little bit of fun! The young patients will be able to take their car for a spin en-route to theatre.

Truvia Toys representative, Azim Riaz said:

“Children are a blessing for all, but when they fall ill we all feel the pain hence why we, at Truvia Toys feel honoured in having the opportunity to help bring a smile to a poorly child. We see this as our bit in giving something back to the community and we hope this brightens up the day for children going into surgery and their parents. Huge thank you to all staff at Heartlands Hospital for accepting this donation!”

Sian Averill, Fundraising Manager at Heartlands Hospital Charity, said:

“On behalf of the Charity I would like to say a huge thank you to Truvia Toys for providing such a generous donation. Having surgery at any age can be scary, and for children, those fears can be heightened due to uncertainties and strange surroundings. By providing this car, Truvia Toys have not only put a smile on our little patient’s faces, they have also eased their parents’ anxieties too. Thank you!”

One of our little patients has already taken the car for a spin; four year old Skye Cand pictured here is seen beaming as she gets behind the wheel before her surgery.

Heartlands Hospital Charity is raising money to renovate the children’s wards at the hospital. You can find out more at heartlandschildren.org