The site, located in the city centre is looking for sponsorship to help in the quest to secure funding for a venture that would see the 1800s lock-up become a permanent museum. Pleasing those with a passion for policing.

The lock-up opens to visitors on an ad hoc basis at the moment where local volunteers gather and regale stories of the lock-up and its surroundings, dating back over 100 years ago. Proving popular with history buffs and the city’s children, who have enjoyed various activity days here, often taking part in interactive tasks, including, fun quizzes and finger printing.

A guaranteed plus point, of its full time opening would be the continued engagement with schools and their pupils who can learn all about the West Midland hero’s that keep them safe, past and present, in an immersive environment, This, providing a service to the community in educating our youngsters and deterring them from criminal activity.

The team at Steelhouse Lane are looking to provide the people of the city with a detailed, chronological account of how the lock-up has operated over all these years, having only closed for its original function in 2016. Visitors will view artefacts up-close and be talked through facts from the 1800’s documenting the early beginnings of the Night Watch Men, right through to Victorian times and long beyond.

The various events that have been presented here have ranged from information tours to ghost hunting. With many reports of ghoulish goings on coming from staff and visitors, in a grade II listed building, that has once before held some of the original Peaky Blinders. Of course, many are eager to see if they can spot something spooky. Most Haunted have even filmed an edition of their show at the grounds!

Events put on here sell-out quickly, as those with a historic interest jump at the chance to embrace the fun and nostalgia. Even more proof that Steelhouse Lane’s lock-up would do fantastically well as a full-fledged heritage site.

As they wait to hear whether the effort can be partially contributed by the Lottery Fund, they continue to seek investors who can help support what would be a great venture for the city. A large majority of the spends will be used on building works that will improve its look and function, parting themselves away from the station just next door.

In the meantime, the next public open day will be held on 10th March, to find out more please click here.

Additionally, To read more about the lock-up or get in touch for sponsorship and donations please click here.