There’s no comfort food like a packed bowl of mac & cheese. It may be a little naughty but the combination of gooey cheese and piping hot pasta is a lure to many. Luckily, fans of the carb-laden treat will be ecstatic to learn that the city’s first dedicated mac & cheese restaurant will be open and trading by the end of next month, as owner Anthony Duffy promises to ‘bring proper mac back’.

Holy Moly Macaroni, a Digbeth Dining Club regular is ready to take residence in Grand Central, with a focus on serving up hearty four cheese mac, using the very best ingredients, to the food fanatic folks of Birmingham. Offerings will come in lactose, vegan and gluten free form too, so everyone will have the chance to enjoy a taste of America. Other dishes will include fried chicken, waffles and succulent ribs. Really aiming to give clientele an authentic trans-Atlantic experience.

The restaurant space will reflect this theme, as we hear the interior will be largely inspired by 80’s Harlem, a neighbourhood located in New York’s Manhattan where Duffy first unearthed his love for the dish. This place will be the perfect stop to soothe your soul when the weather is miserable, or if you’re having a bad day.

This is great news for the city, as in addition to all the macaroni goodness, the new restaurant will be offering 30 jobs to residents!

Anthony says of his new venture: ‘I am so excited for the opening of the restaurant! Good food is just so important, it can bring friends and family together in a unique, enjoyable experience, and that’s what Holy Moly is about. 

‘It gives me such pride to open an independent restaurant in Birmingham that has individuality and personality.’

We definitely can’t wait to pig out!

(Images: Courtesy of Holy Moly Macaroni)