(Image: Courtesy of Greenspace Leisure)

As a trial, Greenspace Leisure,  the team behind the elegant swan boats of Cannon Hill Park will be introducing boating at the beautiful Sutton Park, this summer. From the 21st July up until September taking to the waters, across the Blackroot Pool at the beloved Birmingham green spot will be an option open to the public, especially those eager to try something new for a unique activity day. The park will boast a new fleet of 10 accessible & relaxing pontoon pedalos with 2 and 4 seat options available, so you won’t be waiting too long in the heat for a spot on one of their mini-boats.

Gone are the days where you take to the park, merely for a stroll or a little kick-around. Sports and experiences are becoming equally a part of the fun. Therefore the team have made it their priority to provide crafts that are fitting for the average adventurer!

Those making the trip to Sutton Park for this aqua activity should expect pedal-powered boats, however you’ll be finding something a little different to what Cannon Hill currently provide. The team have carefully selected the boats to be in keeping with the park’s aesthetic, to allow park users to explore the wonderful nature of Sutton Park from a relaxing & comfortable watercraft.

This is set to be a welcome addition to the park and a trip down memory lane for visitors who re-call the history of boating at this glorious location. Blackroot Pool was once home to pleasure boats from the mid-late 1800’s up until 1974 when Sutton became a part of the city.