Image: NBC

Ok, so we are aware that Ross’ Moistmaker sandwich was actually made from Monica’s Thanksgiving leftovers but we thought we’d get inventive and make a Christmas themed one of our own.

We’re sure you still have a lot of Turkey still to get through and avoiding a filling dinner after Christmas Lunch is preferable, unless you are ok with that level of exhaustion.

This is what we imagine the festive version of the famous sandwich should eat like!

TOP TIP: Use good quality, robust bread that can survive the gravy dunk!

  1. Mix mayonnaise, cranberry sauce and salt and pepper together.
  2. Spread on some good quality, resistant and toasted bread of your choosing.
  3. Layer on some crunchy onion, turkey, pigs in blankets (or whatever leftover main event you had from Christmas Lunch!)
  4. Pour leftover or fresh gravy (hot) over a slice of bread and top the turkey layer with this.
  5. Crush some roasties and stuffing together and layer on top of the gravy soaked bread.
  6. If you’re feeling extra indulgent add the cheese of your choice left over from the fancy cheeseboard.
  7. Spread another toasted slice of bread with the mayoberry mixture and top the sandwich, which should melt your cheese slightly and make it oozy.
  8. You’ve got the rest, just don’t let anyone steal it like Ross did!
Image: Rebecca Ritchey. Disclaimer: Not our actual sandwich!