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Most of us are feeling the pinch of going back to work after a long weekend, and with the sun showing no signs of disappearing, its that extra bit of a struggle. Feeling hot and sticky in the office is not the most pleasant feeling, especially when you know there are others out there soaking up the rays, enjoying the added outdoor breeze.

Feeling over-heated can really harm your productivity and we don’t want to upset the boss! With that in mind, here are some great tips to keep to comfortable at your desk this fine day:

Avoid caffeine

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I know, a little difficult if you feel the only thing that is going to get you into gear is your regular morning coffee fix. However, it is a little known fact that caffeine in hot weather is best avoided. It is known to raise body temperature which is likely to make you feel hugely uncomfortable during the sunny spell. Treat yourself to a smoothie first thing instead!

Drink lots of water

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Sorry for stating the obvious but water intake is so important all year round, especially during the heatwave. Staying hydrated is key to a mass of health benefits and honestly, for those who think it is a little on the bland side, get your hands on a extra cold glass of the stuff and it really will be the most refreshing drink on offer!

Invest in a personal fan

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You may feel like this is a waste, given that all in all we get two weeks a year of sweltering weather! However, it is a great investment for those days when the heat just seems unbearable. We all know it is a hugely unpleasant feeling to not be able to leave your desk and cool down outside when needs be, so a constant hit of cold air will be much appreciated! Fingers crossed, we’ll get a summer that requires multiple uses!

Close the window

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Ok, this may seem odd but there is reason behind it! Unless it is significantly cooler outside than it is in your office, you should consider keeping the windows closed. Otherwise, you will be letting the warm air in and that is exactly what you do not need when things are getting too hot to handle. Avoid the temptation as it seems the natural thing to do when the rays are beaming.

Stick to a light lunch

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It feels all the more easier to stick to salads and sandwiches during this heat spell, unless you’re still nursing a bank holiday hangover! If you are feeling fragile, it may be all too tempting to hit the fast-food chains during lunch-hour but stick to something easily digestible and thank us later! There are plenty of places in and around town that offer light delights including; Wrap Lab, Yo Sushi, Kanteen and Hookway’s Salad Bar.