Image: The Prince of Wales - Moseley

Catch a Christmas flick.

Image: Disney

With any luck this weekend will be a quiet one for you, considering you have all your presents wrapped and ready, yes? If so catch a Christmas movie. Your choice, venture out and watch a picture at the various speciality showings across the city. Maybe The Muppets, Elf, Gremlins or Love Actually takes your fancy? Alternatively, stay in and catch a classic using your preferred subscription service, or see what the TV guide has to say!


Get to the German Market.

Image: Ross Jukes

It’s your last chance to visit the famous Frankfurt Market this weekend, as all stalls depart on 23rd December ready for Christmas. There is little else that is 100% guaranteed to put you in the mood for the most special day of the year! A festive hot chocolate with a spike of Baileys will keep you warm as you browse for last minute trinkets, all whilst enjoying the lively entertainment! Don’t miss out on a sizzling sausage either! We’re sure gonna miss the smells lingering across the centre thanks to all the wonderful food here.


Treat yourself to a cake and a coffee.

Image: 200 Degrees

Why not meet up somewhere cosy for a Christmas catch-up, especially if you need to exchange gifts before Tuesday. A warming latte can really do the trick if you’re feeling a little fatigued by all of the seasonal activities you have committed to. There are stacks of peaceful, independent coffee houses in and around the city. Since the diet is on hold… grab a spicy, mince pie to accompany your hot drink.


Pamper yourself and glam up for Christmas Day.

Image: Lush

 Busy modern life means it can be difficult to  dedicate the time to truly look after yourself. Hopefully, you have some free time over Christmas to do exactly that. Turn your phone off and reach for that book you promised you’d read before the year is out. Run a relaxing bath and treat yourself to some luxury products so you are squeaky clean for celebrations. Curl up in newly changed bed sheets and get yourself an early night before the parties begin!


Raid the fridge, if you’re allowed!

Image: Sainsbury’s

This may be a controversial one, as the goodies in the fridge are usually strictly off limits until the 25th! We suggest you don’t go overboard, instead open up things you know are likely to last a few days. Make a brie & cranberry toastie and wash down with a glorious hot chocolate. If you have more of a sweet tooth raid the Quality Street before the family get at all of the good ones!


If all else fails… head to the pub!

Image: The Prince of Wales – Moseley

Now you’re listening! Our city pubs will be bright with electric atmosphere given that festivities are fast approaching. The Pogues will be playing, your mates will be feeling generous thanks to the time of year and you have Monday to recover before the 25th arrives. Perfect!