Marmite – the British staple food spread, enjoys a global day of appreciation today (28/09), which we are sure will divide opinion! So, are you a lover or a hater?

Many people, the world over have strong thoughts on the salty snack! Some like it by the spoon, some enjoy it slathered on toast, and some, well… they like it in the bin!

Its unique taste isn’t for everyone and the company’s memorable 1997 advert ‘Love it or Hate it’ documented that fact so very well, that the slogan prevails today!

No matter your thoughts on the sticky substance, its staying power since 1902 and its release in many different varieties proves that there are plenty of people out there enjoying the brown stuff.

Here are some of the weird and wonderful editions that have ‘spread’ across stores throughout the years.

2007 – Guinness Marmite – a jar featuring 30%  Guinness yeast.

2008 – Champagne Marmite – a jar featuring 0.3% champers!

2010 – Marmite XO – XO for ‘extra old’ – a jar matured for 28 days.

2012 – Gold Marmite – a jar with specks of edible gold mixed in.

2015 – Summer of Love Marmite – a jar with a lighter taste, achieved by using 100% lager yeast.

(Image: Marmite)