Following a successful pilot of the show Channel 4 have decided to commission a full series that will follow comedian Joe Lycett as he uses his nurtured skill for complaining to gain consumer justice on behalf of the UK public.

Joe is a regular on panel shows and enjoys successful stand-ups gigs, bringing his fantastically dry comedic value. He has become particularly well-known for his knack for dodging penalties with hilariously written letters of complaint. Hence, the channel getting him on board to help the people of Great Britian tackle their own consumer issues.

Scams, bad customer service and poor consumer standards will be covered as part of the show, featuring stories from customers who will send Joe uncover to secure justice for them and hopefully gain rewards in the process!

Joe, said: “Having spent most of my life sending arsey emails to companies and local councils it is a great treat to now have an amazing crack team to escalate my consumer rights fight and needlessly waste corporate time. If you’ve been scammed, messed about by a company, or just want to contest a parking fine, then worry not: I’ve got your back.”

(Image: Joe Lycett)