Aston Villa and Fulham will be playing against each other in the hopes of gaining a spot in next season’s Premier League. No doubt, the city’s legions of lions will be behind the boys as they take on the Londoners.  We recommend starting the day off with a beautiful breakie to maintain those energy levels, especially if you plan to keep the cheers on-going. Definitely important to line the stomachs for the festivities too.

Here are some of the most lavish breakfast spots where you can indulge and tackle the most important meal of the day.


(Image: Ed’s Diner)

Choose between a light breakfast or something a little more robust at Selfridges. Ed’s Diner is the option for those with mega appetites. An all-American breakfast awaits with the Frickin’ Lickin’ Chicken & Waffles and the Freedom 7 Steak & Eggs are sure to go down incredibly well. Keeping you ticking until lunch at least. Gran Café offers several much lighter options. We recommend a strong Italian coffee to match their beautiful pastries and cakes. Wonderful gourmet sandwiches are available as a brunch option, if you want to roll out of bed slightly later!


(Image: Gusto)

This decedent Colmore Row venue is brilliant for a breakfast in the business district. If you are around this way get ready to be charmed by the beautiful décor and minimalist style. Their freshly squeezed orange juice is to die for. You’ll want re-fill, upon re-fill. Gusto have various traditional options on their menu, including a Full-English with all of the works, as you’d expect. In addition, pancakes, omelettes and toasted bloomers come in flavours suited to both sweet and savoury tastes. A relaxed way to start the day.


(Image: Malmaison)

Hitting Chez Mal bright and early for your fill of the most satisfying breakfasts is a must if you adore the first meal of the day! As with many of the other offerings, you have all sorts to choose from. There is an abundance of treats to be had when it comes to continental. Yogurts, berries, fresh fruit and pastries are offered along with warming pots of tea and coffee. And if you are looking for a breakfast served as piping hot as your drinks then their crispy bacon and eggs, done any way you like, is the one!

The Ivy

(Image: Homegirl London)

The city set have been singing the praises of the famous Ivy restaurant since its opening recently. Their breakfasts are as pleasing as the rest of their amazing menu, so you must try out the several options available here. They do have a light & healthy section of the morning menu, which offer a few tasty numbers for those of you who feel just a bit too guilty to take the weekend off. If you are throwing caution to the wind treat yourself to their bursting full-English, available in meat or veg versions.