Want to learn how to become a professional developer and start a new career in technology?

Based in Birmingham, the School of Code is an incredible FREE 16-week intensive bootcamp that supports and teaches people of all backgrounds the fundamentals of programming, industry best practices and standards and the creation of software to solve real-world problems, eventually becoming specialised in full-stack JavaScript development by the end of the course.

Founded by Chris Meah whilst studying for his PhD in Computer Science, the School of Code challenges the stereotypes of learning to code by making it fun, sociable, team-based and open to everyone. It aims to encourage a diverse range of people into the rising world of automation and technology and teach them the skills they need to leap into the industry, preparing them with the tech skills and soft skills to become collaborative and creative coders.

So, what does the course include?

  • A solid grounding of all things web, including the world of HTML, CSS and an introduction to JavaScript.
  • Programming concepts and techniques with hands-on solving problems with code.
  • An introduction to Node.js, why it is popular with companies like Netflix and how to set up your own servers.
  • Mastering APIs and communicating with databases.
  • In-depth exploration of how React can build amazing user interfaces.
  • Utilising the Cloud and how it can be used to host applications and services.
  • Projects, teamwork, networking, profile, C.V.’s and jobs.
  • Weekly talks from industry professionals.
  • Daily energising activities to stay fresh when coding.

Successful applicants will also be given access to pre-course learning, a Demo Day in which progress and projects will be presented to sponsors and the wider tech community, assistance throughout the job seeking progress and support with arranging interviews with potential employers. In fact, the School of Code handle the whole hiring process for you – meaning that this free bootcamp also helps you directly into your new career!

Supported by the West Midlands Combined Authority, the third School of Code cohort will begin in January 2020 and is available for 24 applicants. The bootcamp is full-time and requires no academic qualifications or previous experience. With over 90% employment from the previous two cohorts, it’s a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills and become confident and job ready in the tech industry.

Applications are now open and they will close on the 3rd November 2019.

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To apply for this course or to find out more about mentoring or supporting the School of Code, all the information can be found on their website: www.schoolofcode.co.uk

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