School of Code, the company behind the free 16-week coding bootcamp, will be taking a group of tech novices and training them to become software developers, opening the door to a world of opportunity within the tech career sector. Their headline partner is Santander and is helping power the School of Code mission.

The 16-week bootcamp requires no academic qualifications or previous experience – and is completely free. The bootcamp challenges the stereotypes of learning to code by making it team-based, sociable, fun, and open to absolutely everyone.

The 2019 learning extravaganza follows on from the success of this year’s inaugural School of Code bootcamp, which saw 20 coding novices transformed into skilled programmers. As a result, 90% of the participants went on to achieve employment in a role where they utilise their new skills on a daily basis.

School of Code’s dedicated recruitment partner for Bootcamp 2.0 is Mortimer Spinks and they’ll be supporting and guiding the bootcampers towards their tech career.

Founded by Dr Chris Meah in 2015, the School of Code aims to teach people programming skills in a free, immersive short-course as a means to address the UK’s growing IT skills gap. The programme is open to everyone regardless of work experience, information technology proficiency, age or background, making a coding education available to all.

Their mission? To use technology to tackle inequality and give anyone the skills, tools and opportunity to create and innovate with technology.  

Learners on the course can expect to gain experience in a number of different programming languages as well as other key skills in database management, project management, and presentation skills.

Dr Chris Meah, Founder of School of Code, said: “There’s an ever-increasing number of jobs and opportunities in technology, but they’re not reaching everyone. With rising automation and technology’s influence only set to grow in the future, we want to give everyone the chance to learn skills that will help them thrive.” 

Vicky Wallis, Chief HR Officer of Santander UK, said: “Santander is proud to partner with Chris and his team at the School of Code. We are acutely aware of the impact of digitalisation on people and businesses across the globe and the role large organisations can play in supporting the development of digital skills. We hope through this partnership that many more people will be given the opportunity to change their lives through learning to code.”

Applications for places on the course commencing in Spring 2019 have now opened and will close in November 2018. Since it’s launch (just a few days ago) there have already been over 50 applicants, so sign up quick!

For more information about how you can apply for a place on the programme, please visit